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The 17 Best Records Of 2010

Instead of force-fitting a list to some arbitrary number, here are the albums released this year that I could not live without. There are 17 of them. A few great records that basically all tied for #18: Grinderman, Killing Joke, Hot Panda, No Age, Sleigh Bells, Wavves, Sufjan Stevens, Belle & Sebastian, LCD Soundsystem, Warpaint and Health’s Remix album.

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs
It’s no Neon BIble or Funeral, but it’s still Arcade Fire. The title track and ‘Sprawl II‘ are as good as anything the band has written.
Transference seems lacking upon first listen, but the tight rhythms and jams are hidden in plain sight (sound?).
Pyramid Of The Sun
Psychedelic post-rock electro made for double rainbows and booze on summer afternoons.

The National
High Violet
By far The National’s best record to date. ‘Anyone’s Ghost’ is one of the most breathtaking songs of the year.
The Tallest Man On Earth
The Wild Hunt
Tallest Man’s second full-length is a haunting Dylanesque folkscape with enough originality—and modernity—to break free of Dylan’s shadow.
Public Strain
One of the best debuts in years. They had a meltdown on tour, canceled the remaining dates and (supposedly) broke up, but…brothers gotta hug.
Odd Blood
A brilliant 21st-century update of the late-70s/early-80s Talking Heads period.
Beach House
Teen Dream
Beach House’s third album is…gorgeous, hypnotizing, dreamy, stunning, incredible.
Adam Green
Minor Love
Minor Love shows a tender, stringless, hornless side of Green; stripped down and (almost) emotional.
One of Liars most potent records; Sisterworld mashes and stomps art+insanity into a fireball of indie hooks.
Perfume Genius
The jawdropping debut from Mike Hadreas confronts pedophilia, abuse and homosexuality and is somehow both hopeless and full of hope.
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Before Today
Less schizophrenic than previous albums, but still an outstanding Encyclopedic collection of music history, and this one comes loaded with hooks and funky 70s-esque basslines!
Blonde Redhead
Penny Sparkle
Patience is a virtue on Penny Sparkle. The shoegaze is gone, but a timeless netherworld of ice cold electro-pop remains.
Les Savy Fav
Root For Ruin
Tim Harrington over the past few years is as close as an artist can get to “He’s On Fire!” from NBA Jam.
A post-everything wintry dance party from the arctic mind of Dan Snaith.
Halcyon Digest
Few bands are as consistently brilliant as Deerhunter right now, and the blissful pop on Halcyon Digest displays Bradford and co. at the top of [his] their game.
Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles
They may be dicks, but music doesn’t lie, and every song Crystal Castles has created could have come straight from heaven.

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